top of page Pre-Sale Block Program Explained, a leading provider of private gold ownership, has launched a pre-sale block program that offers investors the opportunity to purchase newly minted 99.99% pure gold bullion at discounted prices. The pre-sale block program is designed to help investors maximize their investment in gold by providing them with an early opportunity to purchase gold bullion at a discounted price, before refineries and precious metals dealers are involved in the chain of custody.. The program offers investors a significant discount on the price of gold bullion compared to the price that will be available when the bullion are listed through typical precious metals dealers.

Investors who participate in the pre-sale block program can purchase gold bullion in bulk, with discounts ranging from 10% to 18%, depending on the size of their investment and timing of the year. The program is open to all investors, and there is no minimum investment amount required to participate. This is not an investment program, so purchasers do not need to be accredited investors. The gold bullion is physical gold, providing investors with a secure and reliable way to invest in the precious metal. also utilizes blockchain technology, which provides a transparent and secure way to track the ownership of gold. Investing in gold has always been a popular way for investors to protect their wealth and diversify their portfolios. However, owning physical gold can be expensive and cumbersome, with storage and security issues to consider. solves these problems by providing investors with physical gold that can be stored in a secure vaults, which will provide a debit cart against. Clients are able to store precious metals, securely and safely, while utilizing the debit card for day to day living expenses. In addition to providing investors with a convenient and secure way to invest in gold, also offers a range of other benefits, including low transaction fees, fast settlement times, and the ability to sell purchased gold bullion back to up to five years after it was purchased.

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