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Saving made easy and secure.

With a single complimentary Backegold login, you can diversify your savings across various federally insured banks and credit unions. This enables you to maximize federal deposit insurance coverage and make your money work harder for you.

Unlock additional savings options with just one account.

Have you ever found yourself overlooking a competitive savings product? Frequently, establishing an account with a new bank or credit union entails divulging sensitive personal details, creating another password, incurring fees, and managing an additional monthly statement.

Backedgold simplifies access to savings products across various financial institutions.

A single, cost-free registration with Backedgold facilitates convenient and secure deposits, allowing you to finance multiple high-yield savings products available through our network of banks.

Rest assured, your information is as secure as your funds, ensuring both safety and peace of mind.

At Backedgold, our mission is to provide individuals with additional savings options, minimizing unnecessary hassles.

We are dedicated to providing individuals access to competitive interest rates on various financial products such as savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs from a range of banks and credit unions. Our goal is to eliminate the need for opening and maintaining multiple accounts or managing various statements.

We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from excellent savings options, regardless of their affiliation with a specific financial institution. Our platform empowers savers to choose from a selection of federally insured savings products offered by multiple banks, all within a single, user-friendly Backedgold account.

Moreover, we prioritize the security and control of savers' personal financial data, ensuring that individuals can confidently manage and access the savings products they desire in a safe and convenient manner.

Backedgold is founded on years of expertise in assisting savers.

Backedgold is a member of a brand family that, since 2012, has been delivering inventive and competitive savings options to customers in both Europe and the United States.



HighLine Gold Inc owns and operates both and Backedgold Solutions. Headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming it is breaking down barriers and facilitating a single, transparent market for savings and high yield investment products. 

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