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Certificates Of Deposit

  Up to 14.81% Interest  

Introducing the HighLine Gold Certificate of Deposit Program, a groundbreaking approach to gold investment! This innovative program offers secure and lucrative opportunities to delve into the gold investment market through certificates of deposit, representing gold value.

Investors can now purchase Certificates of Deposit prior to the gold reaching the refinery stage. This unique opportunity allows you to invest directly from the source, linking you to small-time miners. This method is not only ecologically responsible but also capital efficient, offering a blend of sustainability and financial savvy.

By choosing Certificates of Deposit, investors enjoy the stability and security typically associated with traditional banking products, while also gaining exposure to the dynamic world of gold investment. This is an excellent option for those who wish to diversify their portfolio with the enduring value of gold, without the complexities of handling physical bullion.

Interest up to 14.81%

Our system allows you to receive the profits from the interest to your account or to your bank

Scheduled Monthy Interest

Our Program pays you a monthly interest that is fixed. At maturity you can cash out or roll over the investment

Our Record

Our parent company is TPA Gold Corporation. We have the resources and capacity to validate our track record.

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