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30+ Insured Banks & Credit Unions.
Combined with a Regulation D Offering.


Highest Yields on the Market.
Single Secure Login.
F.D.I.C. Insurance.



1 Account
Manages Everything

Total Transactions

High-Yield Savings



FDIC Insured

High-Yield Savings



FDIC Insured

High-Yield Savings



FDIC Insured


Invest in Minutes


To open your fee-free account, the process requires less than five minutes of your time.


Initiate your savings journey with our latest savings product and begin accruing interest.


The optimal product to initiate and propel your savings journey.

Your financial assets, safeguarded

Your assets within the Backedgold platform remain secured within the custody of a federally insured financial institution. Our exclusive partnerships are established with banks that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Through a single login, you have the capability to diversify your deposits across various institutions, thereby optimizing your cumulative insurance coverage to the standard of $250,000 per depositor, per institution. In the case of a joint account, this coverage extends by an additional $250,000 per co-owner, resulting in a total coverage of $500,000 for each institution.

The integrity and confidentiality of your data and privacy are diligently preserved.

A singular Backedgold account enables you to maintain savings products from various institutions, all accomplished through a secure sign-up process that necessitates the submission of personal information only once. As an organization certified under SOC 2, we have meticulously adhered to the criteria established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), affirming our commitment to implementing controls that uphold the security and privacy of customer data.

Rest assured, our robust suite of cybersecurity measures includes Multi-Factor Authentication, encryption, advanced internet protection through a web application firewall, and vigilant monitoring. These protocols collectively ensure the utmost security of your information.

Your strategy for increased earnings

Backedgold's partner banks leverage our proficiency in digital deposits to present their products to online customers like yourself. In exchange, these banks remunerate us with fees, sparing you from direct charges. This affords you the flexibility to tailor your personalized savings strategy, optimize returns through competitive rates without incurring any inconvenient fees, and receive assistance in achieving your savings objectives more expeditiously.

What We Offer

Fraud prevention

HighLine utilizes one of the industry's toughest KYC policies with Plaid integration. 


Locked-in earnings are not taxed based on capital gains earnings. 

Savings solutions

Clients can expect to save thousands each year by utilizing our issued debit cards, with low transactional and ATM fees. 


Trusted Financial Partners

With extensive connections to refineries globally, including small-scale mining operations, we ensure our customers access the finest pricing and opportunities. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to leverage these relationships for your financial advantage.

Years of Experience

HighLine Gold's parent company, TPA Gold Corporation, boasts over 15 years of industry experience, specializing in high-value transactions within the precious metals sector. Serving both institutional and high-net-worth clients, TPA Gold Corporation has a proven track record of offering competitive market rates and delivering substantial quantities of precious metals.

In-house Research Teams
Strategic Financial Insights

HighLine employs a skilled and experienced In-House Research Team to discreetly analyze trading and investment scenarios, ensuring our clients' best interests remain at the forefront.

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